Thursday, 31 March 2011

Bulgaria, new york, band biog

we haven't been very proactive on the old band blog because we've been all over the shop. The boys have been in Bulgaria helping our good friend Joe Parker record his new album (which is going to be amazing) and i've been in new york just wandering round checking out the sites and i LOVED IT. i think i might move there when i grow up/get rich. people are so happy there and just rap at ya as you're walking down the street. and i got called a "home girl" a few times. I like being a home girl but i'm not entirely sure what it means? Does it mean you stay at home if you're a girl? or does it mean they like me and want to take me to their home to be their girl? well whatever it means I'm glad that I am one. I think. gonna post some photos up in a bit and I think Wade will be posting some of his amazing photos of bulgaria up too.

Anyway I wanted to let you know that we have a brand new band biog to accompany our brand spanking new album and you can read it here

it might be a bit premature because you haven't heard the album yet but it kind of explains the story of how the album came about/was written.
see ya soon ma homies (in an american accent)

megan x

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