Thursday, 28 April 2011

free indie demos cd with every purchased album from a record store!

Thomas Tantrum To Support Independents With Forthcoming Release

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Independent record store shoppers will be rewarded with bonus material

Posted 28th April 2011, 3:45pm in News, Thomas Tantrum | By DIY News Desk
Thomas Tantrum

Speaking in an interview with DIY yesterday, Thomas Tantrum revealed their plans to support independent record stores through the release of their forthcoming album.

The record, which is due out in June, will come accompanied with bonus material when bought in independent shops.

Drummer Dave Wade Brown said of the project, "We're mainly getting singles and b-sides together, and just loads of extra stuff like bonus tracks for the Japanese release and iTunes. It will be finished pretty soon though because you've got to hand all of the stuff over weeks and weeks in advance. "

He continued, "We're doing this bonus CD for indie record stores so if you go and buy the physical release from an independent you get one. We haven't decided how many tracks yet and we've got about three weeks to do that. So hopefully we can write some new stuff and do some alternative versions. If people go and buy that, they'll get basically a double album."

Frontwoman Megan Thomas says that the new material is a little different to their debut, "Our second album is quite different to our first album. The first album's like, "yeah, here we are, we're really poppy" but the second one's a bit more melodic and a bit more dream-pop melodic-escape."

The band are getting ready to tour with Glasvegas for the second time but are unphased by the differences in their sounds, with Megan saying,"it's nice to have a bit of variety".

Bassist Jim Shivers continues, "You do get a couple of lads that heckle out but overall, it's surprisingly ok."

You can catch Thomas Tatrum playing with Glasvegas next week:

03 MANCHESTER, Academy
04 CARDIFF, University
06 BOURNEMOUTH, O2 Academy

yes 'tis true. We are giving away a free cd full of demos we have written in the past couple of years. some are pretty darned scratchy, others could pass for album quality. We don't have a tracklisting yet but will let you know soonly. getting really excited about releasing dodgy recordings of songs for some reason.

who is coming to see us on tour eh?!

get yourself some tickets we're gonna be shit hot xxx

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Band Of Skulls Sleep Remix

Check out the wicked remix Band of Skulls did for our song Sleep

super cool.
I hear they are in the studio recording their second album now so keep your eyes and ears peeled for their next offering!
Things are pretty slow in sleepy southampton but the sun is out and there's a lot to be done in preparation for the album.
We're currently thinking about the music video for our second single "Hot Hot Summer" which is due out in June. It's a bit of a cliche that it's called hot hot summer and it's out in the summer. but it wasn't intentional, and the song is actually about the winter. bit confusing i know.
We will also be announcing some last minute shows over the next week or so. we also have a 2/3 week tour in june i'm not sure if it's been announced yet or not.
anyway, till next time chaps


Thursday, 7 April 2011

Sleep B- Sides!

It's like Drum's is my secret favourite song


Tuesday, 5 April 2011

irrational fear of pick 'n' mix

So I had a freaky dream the other night that i was stuck in Woolworths with lots of pick 'n' mix chasing after me and demanding that I eat all of them before I can leave.
This has been haunting me ever since and now I was in the WHSMiths the other day bulk buying some biro's in and what should I come across but a whole row of the horrid little sweetie things. I couldn't even bring myself to buy the biros after that. as a result now I can't find any pens to write with. bastard little pick 'n' mix.
hopefully this fear will subside along with my fear of lifts, injections, slugs and anteaters.
I might write all my dreams up here actually. I always start writing a dream book but then loose it and have to start another.
megan x