Wednesday, 9 March 2011

about our first email update

Hello darlings,

just throught i'd copy and paste our first email update here on this very blog . but you should sign up for our mailing list over here

on our bloody good new website. pretty fancy huh. i will shut up now or else i will be repeating myself again in the actual mail out. i woke up far too early so i am just ranting. rant rant rant. shut up megan. aaah sweet insomnia.

Hi everyone,

This is the first mailing list email from us to you! First of all thanks everyone for signing up and we hope you really enjoyed the Birdsong EP we gave away over Christmas. You can still download it now, so tell your friends. Just forward this mail and tell them to click

Since then we have made a music video for our new forthcoming single "Sleep" which is going to be released March 27th. You can watch the music video by clicking here:

It's a kind of tongue-in-cheek take on the song and involved spending hours sitting on an office chair pretending to be on a rollercoaster made out of bed carriages. Pretty random.

When "Sleep" is released to download on March 27th, it'll come with two new b-sides called "It's Like Drums" and "Children Of The Night", plus remixes from Band Of Skulls and RAC as well as an old school extended version.

Sleep and insomnia are recurring themes which run throughout the album; that of dusk, dreaming, the moonlit soirée...

Keep an eye out on our official site, Facebook and YouTube as we’ll be posting video blogs in the coming weeks where you can hear more about where the songs from the album came from and stories from our recording sessions

Anyway, as for live performances, we are playing a show on Thursday this week, March 10th, at the Old Queen's Head in London and its free. If you want to come along, we'll be playing tracks from the new album "Mad By Moonlight" which is due to be released in June. It's been some time coming, but we're really happy with the album now and can't wait for it to be released. It’s more of an album this time round, as opposed to just a collection of songs. It's still a party album like the last one, but with more of a twilight vibe running through it (not in the vampire sense). Also playing at the show will be fellow Southamptoners Oresteia who are absolutely ace - you can check them out here:

In addition to this, we will be performing live acoustic versions of the songs at Oxfam Music in Southampton this coming Saturday, 12th March, this is a free gig and more details can found here: It's an Oxjam event and we will be joined by other local talents.

Then on Sunday, we'll be playing a show in Asgard Tattoo Parlour also in Southampton, tickets are only £4.00 and more details can be found here: So it's a whole weekend of music fun!

Hope you're all doing well and look forward to seeing you at some shows very soon.


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