Tuesday, 5 April 2011

irrational fear of pick 'n' mix

So I had a freaky dream the other night that i was stuck in Woolworths with lots of pick 'n' mix chasing after me and demanding that I eat all of them before I can leave.
This has been haunting me ever since and now I was in the WHSMiths the other day bulk buying some biro's in and what should I come across but a whole row of the horrid little sweetie things. I couldn't even bring myself to buy the biros after that. as a result now I can't find any pens to write with. bastard little pick 'n' mix.
hopefully this fear will subside along with my fear of lifts, injections, slugs and anteaters.
I might write all my dreams up here actually. I always start writing a dream book but then loose it and have to start another.
megan x

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