Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Band Of Skulls Sleep Remix

Check out the wicked remix Band of Skulls did for our song Sleep

super cool.
I hear they are in the studio recording their second album now so keep your eyes and ears peeled for their next offering!
Things are pretty slow in sleepy southampton but the sun is out and there's a lot to be done in preparation for the album.
We're currently thinking about the music video for our second single "Hot Hot Summer" which is due out in June. It's a bit of a cliche that it's called hot hot summer and it's out in the summer. but it wasn't intentional, and the song is actually about the winter. bit confusing i know.
We will also be announcing some last minute shows over the next week or so. we also have a 2/3 week tour in june i'm not sure if it's been announced yet or not.
anyway, till next time chaps


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