Friday, 18 December 2009

photos (c) unknown

Morning was the launch night for Joelle Jerome yesterday, a beautiful grunge inspired womenswear label from Dalston, London. Have a look and buy some lovely clothes here . So, we were at Barden's Boudoire in Dalston, played with LA LA VASQUEZ and ELEANOR SEABIRD. Tried out a lot of new songs and went pretty, pretty, pretty gooood (photos soon I hope). Met up with the managers...think the plan is to get a single out for February (not necessarily from the album), we're not sure which song yet but you'll know soon enough I suppose....also, we confirmed one final session, 4 more tracks, for the new record so it will definitely be finished by the end of January.

Man, that drive home was sketchy, too. I absolutely love the snow (it's been years cos i'd been living in Spain for a while and I don't remember it snowing in Barcelona...) but when it settles on the motorway and you're sliding everywhere, watching trucks and madmen (and women) in cars flying past and not all the seat belts work in the van it's pretty fucking scary...mind you, I don't think (Lonely) Joe Parker (he's giving away a free track every day from 1st December until 25th i think, have a look), Pete or Dave Miatt noticed. Love has to go to Mark for getting us back alive. I wish I'd had my camera, really wana take some snowy pictures but it's all melted this morning.

photo (c) dave wade brown
One more thing, our own beautiful Dave Miatt was track of the day in Q magazine this week with his folk-inspired and beautiful 'Jackie Paper' solo project (?) it a solo project? Anyhow, I am well proud. Love Dave Wade Brown x

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