Saturday, 19 December 2009

I suppose whilst we're on the subject of Christmas parties I should mention the Sotones party at Andy and Anja's (Haunted Stereo) last night...

I forgot my camera again but Storm took some photos...anyhow, if you don't know, Sotones is a Southampton label that was started way back when as Popfiction by me and my lovely brother...DJing, putting on bands, getting free booze. It was pretty good. Then, some more organized types came along and turned it into something to behold and, as I type now, they've got a distributor and PR and all sorts of good shit!

Well, last night we celebrated our good fortunes, such as 0.54% of Q's track of the day in 2009 and a wonderful time drinking and watching R Kelly in the office. There's nothing finer than having your own office in which you can drink as much as you want and smoke all day..

Here's a picture of Joe Parker, who is stepping down as Sotones MD in March I think. He's done a lot over the past 2 years to get the Southampton DIY scene going. Love you Joe. Dave Wade Brown x

photos (c) dave wade brown

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