Friday, 27 May 2011

Adele the most powerful woman in music??? hmm

the fact that Adele has apparently "rewritten the music rule book this year with the stratospheric success of her second album . . In an industry that increasingly struggles to sell its physical product" leads me to believe that it's the particular audience that Adele attracts that has made the difference.
No offence to Adele, I really do like her voice and her songs but I think the agegroup she attracts might largely consist of the 40+ bracket, and these people come from a generation where they aren't as confident with torrent sites and illegal downloading and when there is a song they like on the radio - they actually go to a shop and buy it! shock horror!! I know a lot of mum's and grannies who like Adele and enjoy listening to her in their car's and at Sunday BBQ's! My thoughts aren't based on fact, just on opinion which is based on personal experience.

Also, the fact that she has so much money behind her means that there are probably a whole roomful of monkeys dedicated to shutting down any illegal leaks they see cropping up 24 hours a day. Now I can't say this for sure because I don't know anything about torrent sites and quite frankly the evil viruses scare me off. This is just what I thought when I read the

The 2011 Guardian Music Power 100

this morning. ho hum pedigree chum. tata for now x


  1. Mega Thomas: the most powerful woman in music. Fact :)