Friday, 8 January 2010

Ice Queen and hermits.

hello I am going to write my first blog entry! funtimes. This first week back to normality can be such a drag but i've not really done much at all and really enjoyed it. Well I have in fact been 'doing things' just in the small vicinity of my house, popping out rarely into the death threateningly slippy ice to buy soda water (the drink of the gods. Anyway it has been good because I have been writing lots of songs. I think it's something about the snowy weather that inspires me. I love the winter, in fact I could just stay here in this house and season all year. I make myself sound like the ice queen in Lion, the witch and the wardrobe!!


isn't Aslan just a dream???? I used to fancy him when I was little which i know sounds a bit weird but it's actually not at all. In fact I still fancy him now. He's got that fathering nature which is oh so attractive. admittedly, yes, he is a lion but whatever he's hot!!!!

ANYWAY i'm just ranting now. We're all really excited about this new album. I think we're going to be releasing a single early february if all goes well and doing a small tour with that. I'm not sure when the records out yet though we're looking to put it out on a label rather than our own label this time. It's really frustrating though because we all want to get out there and play again as soon as possible it seems like forever ago that we were on tour.

Anyway bye byeeee whoever is reading this which is probably no one. xxxxx Megan.

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  1. Don't worry Megan there's definitely someone reading this, after your support slot with Band of Skulls i'm sure i'm not the only one. You guys were brilliant, saw you at the Classic Grand in Glasgow you made a few new fans that night, i promise. Looking forward to some new material, just listened to "The Last Kiss" Nice>> love your voice.